I currently live and work from Nelson NZ, where I have family. My trade background is in Joinery and Building while my childhood industry influences were steel based saw doctoring and mechanics. I have always been inspired by mechanical movement and have always made things. After forming a building company in 2003 and delivering successful projects for seven years I decided to change course and study. In 2013 I graduated from Victoria University Wellington with a Bachelor of Design Innovation specializing in Culture + Context and philosophy.

I am passionate about simple living and minimal design for enhanced user experience. To enjoy using an item or living in a space is the ultimate aesthetic. I have studied and am passionate about topics such as Ubanism, experience creation, closed loop systems, grass roots manufacturing, design fiction, philosophy, architecture, art and compost.

I am available for designing of habitats, furniture, exhibitions, and some graphic stuff. I am also available for research, consultation and troubleshooting on pretty much anything related to design. I am open to commissions on sculpture or machine-like objects.
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