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Lilla Cabot Perry (Jan. 13, 1848-Feb. 28, 1933); American artist who worked in the American Impressionist style, rendering portraits and landscapes in the free form manner of her mentor, Claude Monet. Perry was an early advocate of the French Impressionist style and contributed to its reception in the United States. Perry's early work was shaped by her exposure to the Boston School of artists and her travels in Europe and Japan. She was also greatly influenced by Ralph Waldo Emerson's philosophies and her friendship with Camille Pissarro. Although it was not until the age of 36 that Perry received formal training, her work with artists of the Impressionist, Realist, Symbolist, and German Social Realist movements greatly affected the style of her oeuvre.

...She completed what is considered to be her earliest known painting, Portrait of an Infant (Margaret Perry) dating from 1877-78. This work draws on the inspiration that would occupy much of her artwork throughout her career – her children.

In 1884 Perry began her formal artistic training with the portrait painter Alfred Quinton Collins.
...Perry’s The Beginner, c. 1885–86, represents the first work she completed under formal guidance. The Beginner echoes Collins’ influences with the sitter’s serious gaze, dark background, and emphasis on dramatic lighting.

In 1885, Perry's father died and left her an inheritance that allowed her to more seriously study art. In January 1886, she began to study with Robert Vonnoh, an artist who worked in the Impressionist’s en plein air style at Grez-Sur-Loing in France. She took classes with instructor Dennis Bunker at Cowles Art School in Boston beginning in November 1886. Cowles taught its students "liberal theories" in the creation of realist art – theories that Perry greatly responded to.

...While in Paris, she became friends with Mary Cassatt, Camille Pissarro, and Claude Monet.

...There is a distinct shift observed in...
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