Conversations in Held Poses 72013 by Lilli Carré

The ceramic sculptures in Lilli Carré’s series “Conversations in Held Poses,” much like her work in comics, animation, and drawing, explore narrative and the development of character (whether figurative or abstracted) through sequence. Displayed in grouped pairings, the sculptures are seemingly engaged in conversation with one another—as well as with an accompanying series of works on paper, called “Artifacts”. Carré is interested in the sense of time that is created when two similar objects are placed side by side, and describes the space both between these sculptures and the resonant two-dimensional drawings as being as much a part of the work as the art objects themselves. This interstitial space possesses a kind of life force, perhaps representing the coexistence of before and after; we experience the presence of the pieces in relationship to one another just as we fill up the absence in between them with our own narratives.

This piece was first exhibited at Chicago’s Museum of Contemporary Art in a solo show from December 17, 2013 to April 15, 2014.
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Period / movement: contemporary
Dimensions (h/w/d): 4 8 12 (10 20 30 )
Location: Western Exhibitions , Chicago