"As a painter and printmaker for the past two decades, my work's central theme has been open space. I've found my inspiration in the wide skies and prairies of Eastern Kansas and the Kansas River Valley. The power of this place, and my emotional responses to weather and shifts in light, color and seasons, are the true subjects of my work.

For my plein air work, I tend to go out around sundown and paint into the dark. I often finish smaller pieces in the field and larger work goes back to the studio for finishing and simplifying, from memory.

The aerial river landscapes are studio works using photo and video reference taken from various flights I’ve taken along the 171-mile Kansas River corridor.

My work has always been about shifts and ephemerality. I’m not so much trying to freeze moments in time as much as I am attempting to convey my first-hand experiences of the way it felt to be there, than how it looked. My wish is to share some of what I’ve discovered, offering a new way a seeing these waterways and open prairie spaces that awakens a new appreciation for them."
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Suzan Hamer


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