Lothar Quinte

Lothar Quinte (born April 13, 1923 in Neisse, Upper Silesia, Germany; died July 29, 2000 in Wintzenbach, France); German avant-garde painter.

From 1937-41, Quinte did a painting apprenticeship in Leipzig. From 1941, he served as a volunteer with a parachute hunting unit his war service and in 1945 was briefly in British war prison. After that, from 1946 to 1951 he attended the Kloster Bernstein Art School, initially under the direction of Hans Ludwig Pfeiffer, then HAP Grieshaber. In 1946 he became the director of the Bernsteiner Puppenbühne and a member of the Verband bildender Künstler Württemberg. ...

In 1954 he presented his shadow play Kaleideskop at the international film meeting, Bad Ems, with Heinz Schanz and Kurt Frank and the shadow play Curriculum Vitae with Emil Kiess, Kurt Frank and Hans Günter Schmidt. In 1955 the premiere of Schatten-Jazz and Don Casparo was held in Karlsruhe. 1956 Relocation to Pfullingen. The gallery window for the St. Bonifatius church in Metzingen and the wall painting for the Planie light games in Reutlingen were created. In 1957, Quinte became a member of the Deutscher Künstlerbund and created glass windows for the church Großschönach and the church St. Augustinus in Esslingen-Zollberg. In 1958 he worked in the summer farm in Lauterbourg (Alsace).

From 1959-60 he was guest lecturer for free graphics at the Werkkunstschule Krefeld.... In 1964 he produced the 3-part West window for the Lübeck cathedral. During the same period, he created the 500-square-meter main window for St. Maria Königin des Heiligen Rosenkranzes in Ditzingen....

In 1994 a television film by Rudi Bergmann about Lothar Quinte appeared. In 2000, as the last work, he created the windows for the chapel in Champenay (Alsace). Lothar Quinte died July 29, 2000 in Wintzenbach / Alsace. In 2002 the mayor Bernadine Marbach inaugurated the "Place Lothar Quinte" in Wintzenbach.
(Google translation of https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lothar_Quinte)
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