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Germany / Usa / °1947 / / loubeachart.com / ai-ap.com
I was born on a mountaintop in Tennessee, killed me a bear when I was only three. No, wait..I was born in Germany of Polish parents, came to the US when I was only four, spent my youth in Rochester, New York, riding my bike, building snow forts, throwing chestnuts at the kid down the street. I was a fair student, no great shakes, disappointing several teachers by not realizing my “full potential.”

Higher education was a two-year community college affair followed by a year of night school at a state university. I did not graduate or learn much (in class).

Grabbing a ride with a couple of other nascent hippies, I fled to California and a tent in a beach side commune, followed by a few years in a Hollywood bungalow, menial jobs: machine operator, truck driver, bookstore clerk. It was during this time that I was introduced to the Surrealists, began going to galleries and museums, scouring art books – LOOKING. And finally making art – collages and assemblage.

A move to Boston saw me continuing to make art, securing a couple of wonderful art patrons and mounting a one man show at The Boston Center for the Arts. I created a large body of work while living on Martha’s Vineyard for a year, which I took with me on my return to Los Angeles.

I already had friends in L.A. from my previous stint, one of whom was working for a record company. He asked me to create an album cover and so began my years as a successful illustrator, working in the music business, publishing and magazine/newspapers arenas.

Writing has come as a most surprising and miraculous second act and I hope to hone the craft and create affecting stories. I have also been revitalized in my art work by showing with my two grown children, Sam and Alpha Lubicz. They, and my wife, the photographer Issa Sharp, keep me on my toes, inspire me. (http://www.loubeach.com/about/)

Lou Beach (nee Andrzej Lubicz-Ledóchowski) was born in Göttingen, Germany in 1947, the son of Polish... (http://loubeachart.com/about/)
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