"I move therefore I am. I have a body therefore I am. This is what we could say after seeing the work of Louis Blanc as his work is based on the human body, his own body. For Louis Blanc is a photographer and model which adds to the mastery of his works. During this interview, we discover an amazing person, who despite the success of his shots and numerous exhibitions in Paris, Osaka and Washington, does not consider himself an artist. One who claims his photos are not self-portrait confronts us with a different way of looking at one's self, at the other. So we offer Louis Blanc revealing photographs of truth, feeling, emotion...

In my photographs I simply used what I had on hand, my apartment, the light from the window and the body that was lying there! Yet I can not say that they are self-portraits because nothing really intimate is revealed... I feel rather like an actor trying to convey an emotion, the emotion is real but the actor plays a role. So all this was done without really thinking about it, of course." [Rough translation from French] http://www.lesphotographes.com/interviews/l%E2%80%99%C3%A9motion-corporelle-chez-louis-blanc
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