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Louis Wain (5 Aug. 1860 – 4 July 1939); English artist best known for his drawings, which consistently featured anthropomorphized large-eyed cats and kittens. In his later years he may have suffered from schizophrenia (although this claim is disputed), which, according to some psychiatrists, can be seen in his works.

Louis William Wain was an English artist best known for his illustrations of anthropomorphized large-eyed cats and kittens.

In 1886, Wain's first drawing of anthropomorphized cats was published in the Christmas issue of the Illustrated London News, titled "A Kittens' Christmas Party"... Under the pseudonym of George Henri Thompson, he illustrated numerous books for children by Clifton Bingham published by Ernest Nister.

...Wain was a prolific artist over the next 30 years, sometimes producing as many as several hundred drawings a year. He illustrated about 100 children's books, and his work appeared in papers, journals, and magazines, including the Louis Wain Annual, which ran from 1901-15. His work was also regularly reproduced on picture postcards, and these are highly sought after by collectors today....

Despite his popularity, Wain suffered financial difficulty throughout his life. He remained responsible for supporting his mother and sisters, and had little business sense. He was modest, naive and easily exploited, ill-equipped for bargaining in the world of publishing. He often sold his drawings outright, retaining no rights over their reproduction....

When his sisters could no longer cope with his erratic and occasionally violent behavior, he was finally committed to a pauper ward... He was transferred... again in 1930... he spent his final 15 years there in peace. While he became increasingly deluded, his erratic mood swings subsided, and he continued drawing for pleasure. His work from this period is marked by bright colors, flowers, and intricate and abstract patterns...
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