Self Portrait in a Straw Hat1782 by Louise Elisabeth Vigée Le Brun

During the 40 year period from 1778 to 1818 Vigee Le Brun painted 37 self portraits. 17 were originals and 20 were copies.

This is an oil on canvas copy of a smaller oil on panel original. This self portrait is closely based on Rubens's portrait of his sister-in-law Susanna Lunden which is also in the National Gallery. Vigee LeBrun saw Rubens painting in Antwerp in the van Havre collection in 1781.

Elisabeth Vigée-Lebrun's self portrait sees the painter projected as both a beautiful object and a depicter of beauty. (
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Media: oil on canvas
Dimensions (h/w/d): 39 28 (98 71)
Location: National Gallery , London