Lourdes Sanchez

Cuba / Usa / °1961 / / lulisanchez.net
Lourdes Sanchez is a New York painter whose primary mediums are watercolor and ink. She is interested in both squarely facing and hopefully transcending a history of prettiness in the watercolor tradition, and sees it as a metaphor for the desire to align with loveliness often sought by or imposed upon the feminine, while giving a glimpse of the complex subtext beneath.

However some of her work is simply a love affair with the natural world, and a fascination with the geometric and molecular structure which is the underpinning of organic life. She currently lives and works in Brooklyn, N,Y and Merida, Yucatan.

One way to tell my story is that I was born in Havana, Cuba in the early spring of of 1961, and by Indian summer, was sleeping in a drawer pulled out from a dresser in a motel room in Miami. This sleeping arrangement was short lived, as my families´ flight north continued to Flushing, Queens.

We eventually settled into a small brick building in Woodside inhabited entirely by extended family, and where the English-speaking world was kept largely at arm's length, until the time came for me to go to school, at which point my Spanish and extreme shyness in the world outside of the brick building won me a corner on a far side of the kindergarten classroom where I was given jars of paint, paper, brushes and solitude. I barely recall speaking to another child, but I got to have a daily studio practice, in which to learn the things that paint can do on a page.

The rest of my school days were not so fruitful. Bullies, dyslexia, a massive overbite, loneliness and awful winged hairstyles. I eventually quit caring and managed to just barely graduate high school with a small pool of savings from part time jobs. I had no idea what to do.
An aunt and uncle, who had no children of their own and had always shown me much generosity, recently left N.Y. for Carrollton, Ga. They suggested I come down and enroll at West Georgia College. ... (http://lourdesanchez.com/about/)
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