Three Spheres II1946 by M.C. Escher

...Eleven years later, Escher created the litho Three Spheres II, which is even more obviously devoted to one of his biggest passions: reflection. Here we can see three spheres made from different materials arranged next to each other. I find the glass sphere on the left even more fascinating that the silver sphere in the middle, in which we can see Escher’s studio in Baarn. Has he become a little older, sadder and wiser, or is this an overly calibrated image? I suspect that Escher had a sense of irony as well as a dry sense of humor, and that he took immense pleasure out of the fact that people didn’t immediately get the joke. Escher was an individual who had a slightly skewed view of the world and therefore looked at things differently. He repeatedly talked about the importance of bedazzlement and wonder.

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