Marco Gallotta

Marco Gallotta is an Italian-born, New York City-based artist. He received his associate's degree in fashion illustration and a bachelor’s degree in general illustration from the Fashion Institute of Technology. He grew up in Battipaglia, a town in the Campania region of southwestern Italy, before moving to New York City in 1998. His artistic craft consists mostly of paper-cutting techniques, drawing, painting, and printmaking.

Today, Marco resides with his wife and daughter in New York City, where he finds inspiration in its urbanscape, distinct artistic facets, and diverse population. He currently practices his craft in an intimate studio workshop in West Harlem. His vast expertise in mixed media techniques, including drawing, painting, and printmaking, add to his work a unique combination of artisan craftsmanship and graphic sensibility. Watercolors, inks, and graphite are applied to photographs that are then cut out. Layers of cut-out photographs, paper and other materials are strategically overlapped to create ingenious compositions.

His clients include Nike, Vogue, the United Nations, Radio City Music Hall, Academy Award winner Ennio Morricone, actor Will Smith, and NBA player Gigi Datome.
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