" in collage to create characters and scenes that we’ve never seen before."

... a collage and digital artist whose work veers uneasily from nostalgia to technological dystopia. Bourel combines traditional cut and paste collage techniques with digital editing, digital animation, and even sound design to create a body of work that blurs the distinction between illustration, graphic design and art installation.

He describes his work as “data-ism” and the reference to the original Dada movement of the early 20th century is more than a play on words. Like his Dadaist precursors, Bourel delights in creating shocking juxtapositions, ironic distance and high-brow/low-brow mash-ups. ...

For Bourel, collage is a way of sifting through and responding to the glut of information constantly bombarding us. In an age of visual overload, the artist’s job is as much to collect, curate, and critically rearrange imagery as it is to create anew. “We live in an era full of information everywhere. A constant flow. Internet, phones, television. Commercials in the streets. The term data-ism is for me a way to digest all of this, in an artistic way.”

It’s not a coincidence if it sounds like Bourel is taking a note from the world of hip-hop and music sampling. Bourel draws an explicit connection: “Source material will usually define the direction of the collage. Also the technique. Traditional hand-cut or digital, as I try to do in music. I have made music since my childhood. It’s all related I think. Cut and paste and experiments. To play with my influences.” ....
Bourel’s technique is guided by pragmatism. He has no philosophical allegiance to a particular method. He prefers whatever tool is the best to make the art he wants.

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