McCauley “Mac” Conner

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McCauley Conner (born 1913) is an American commercial illustrator who has been called "one of the original Mad Men".(

"The New York saga of one of the original 'Mad Men.'

McCauley (“Mac”) Conner (born 1913) grew up admiring Norman Rockwell magazine covers in his father’s general store. He arrived in New York as a young man to work on wartime Navy publications and stayed on to make a career in the city’s vibrant publishing industry. The exhibition presents Conner’s hand-painted illustrations for advertising campaigns and women’s magazines like Redbook and McCall’s, made during the years after World War II when commercial artists helped to redefine American style and culture."

McCauley “Mac” Conner is a painter and illustrator born in 1913, who is 101 years old today. If we a focus on his paintings, that’s because they depict brilliantly the universe of Mad Men and that they’re the perfect representation of the advertising’s golden age in the 60’s. Arriving in New York in the 50’s, McCauley built his career in a vibrant city context, on the scene of publishing and advertising. His artworks remind us of cartoons and the ad creations of this time. They recall the aesthetic of the opening credits and costumes in the Mad Men series created by Matthew Weiner. (
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