Michael Kidner

England / 1917 - 2009 / (alchetron.com
"Unless you read a painting as a feeling, then you don’t get anything at all.”
— Michael Kidner

Michael James Kidner RA was a pioneer of Op art in the mid-1960s from Kettering, Northamptonshire, England. Michael Kidner was one of its earliest and most consistent exponents and it was in these overlapping fields of optical effect and systemic structure that he was to find the creative substance that was to sustain his whole career. A Constructivist by inclination his interest in mathematics, chaos and wave theories informed an art that is both rational and intuitive. Without losing his rigorous, intellectual approach, Kidner manages to make his work resonate emotionally.Throughout his life he retained an interest in unpredictable world events that provoked unplanned elements within his work but he somehow managed to intimate an underlying order through his use of form and colour.

Born in Kettering on 11 September 1917; the son of an industrialist he was one of 6 children. Educated at Bedales progressive school; in 1939 he went to Cambridge to read History and Anthropology, before studying Landscape Architecture at Ohio state university. He was in the USA when war broke out in Europe. Unable to return home he joined the Canadian army for 5 years. He was subsequently posted to England and after D Day saw active service in France in the Canadian Royal Corps of Signals. Post demobilisation in 1946, he enrolled at Goldsmiths University to study for a National Diploma in Art and Design. However he left after only 3 months as he was disenchanted with the course. From 1947-50, Kidner taught at Pitlochry Prep school in Perthshire and it was here that he started to paint as a hobby. In 1949 he met and married his wife Marion Frederick, an American actress. From 1951-1952 he became a theatre designer in Bromley and Barnstaple while continuing to paint. During a painting holiday in the south of France he met Andre Lhote who... (http://alchetron.com/Michael-Kidner-1025668-W)
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