Michael Meier & Christoph Franz

Michael Meier & Christoph Franz build. From planks, chipboard, timber battens, concrete and other readily available materials they construct buildings, shelters, would-be functional structures. In the park outside the Kunsthaus Glarus they made Kino (Cinema, 2012), with several raked rows of hard seats that faced a shattered wooden screen, echoing the vanda- lism of the disused Glarus cinema. For Art in the City in Zurich they built Tankstelle (Petrol Station, 2012), a rudimentary building showing signs of neglect, the small forecourt continuous- ly illuminated by a few neon tubes. Their grand installation Springbrunnen (Fountain) during the Swiss Art Awards in Basel in 2012 could have been a podium for prize winners, but was pimped with jets of water that tumbled down the centre and on either side of the structure.
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