Mikhail Georgievich Abakumov

"People’s Artist of Russia (2001)
Member of the Russian Artists’ Union (1980)

• Diploma of the Academy of Arts, (USSR, 1976)
• Lenin Komsomol Prize for Moscow area (1985)
• Golden Medal of Russian Academy of Arts (1995)
• Vitold Byalynitsky-Birulya Prize, Academy of Arts of Russia (2002)
• Honorary Citizen of Kolomna, Moscow area (2003)

His paintings can be found in
• Tretyakov Gallery (Moscow)
• Other museums and galleries in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Voronezh, Krasnoyarsk, Tomsk, Kolomna
• Art Prima Gallery
• Private collections in Russia and abroad." http://www.artprima.ru/en/artists/xx-2part/abakumov-mixail-georgievich.html

"M. Abakumov's artworks are so bright and full of sunshine thet it is no wonder critics call him the "winged artist", "solar brush of Russia". He was called "a living classic" even during his lifetime. M. Abakumov's art is very patriotic. He sincerely believed in the revival of powerful Russia. Mikhail Georgiievich infinitely loved life, people, he was a deeply religious man. The artist pictorialized his love in his paintings and gave it to us - to the succeeding generations. http://melarusart.ru/en/content/8-июня-в-цдх-закончилась-выставка-михаил-абакумов-и-его-время

"Michael Abakumov- Academic of Russian Accademy of Fine Arts, Honoured Artist of Russia. His art have outstanding point of view, great masterpiece, high experience. Abakumov was professor in Moscow Accademy of Fine Arts (Of Surikov). He grew many powerly art-masters of modernity. He was really hounored person in art world. His artworks lucky selled in fine art auctions of world.
He died at 19th june of 2010. God, have mercy to this tallented and kind person!" http://artistlyssenko.blogspot.nl/2010/07/artist-michael-abakumov-1948-2010.html

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