Michael Vasilyevich Matyushin (Russian: Михаил Васильевич Матюшин; 1861 in Nizhny Novgorod – 14 October 1934 in Leningrad) was a Russian painter and composer, leading member of the Russian avant-garde. In 1910–1913 Matyushin and his wife Elena Guro (1877–1913) were key members of the Union of the Youth, an association of Russian Futurists.

Convinced that the evolution of humankind was dependent upon the further development of the human senses, Matyushin believed that the physiological and cerebral centres of human sight could be further developed: an increased sensitivity to space, light, colour, and form would then open up a completely new dimension of spatial perception and world experience that he called 'Spatial Realism'. Relying on contemporary physiological studies by Hermann vol Helmholtz and Johannes Kries, Matyushin developed a method he called 'Extended Viewing', 'Extended Viewing' was a physiological concept and methodology that included specific exercises for the further development of cones and rods in the retina of the human eye; these exercises were intended to lead to a greater overlapping and more extensive combination of direct daylight vision and indirect twilight vision. 'Extended Viewing' taken together with the other senses and forms of inner vision comprised a technique Matyushin called 'Zorved' -It meant to simultaneously see and know. Unlike 'Extended Viewing', which focused specifically on the extension of human eyesight, 'Zorved' aimed at the development of higher consciousness to be achieved through a synthesis of all forms of sensory experience.

Through his experiments Matyushin determined that warm colours of a longer wavelength (red, orange, yellow) round off angular geometric figures, giving them epicycloidal form, whereas cold colours of a shorter wavelength (green, blue, purple) lend the same figures a faceted, hypocycloid form. [Music and Modernism, c.1849-1950, Charlotte De Mille, p.92-93]
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