Nadine Robbins

Nadine Robbins' portraits garner attention from critics and collectors alike. Critic John Seed, writing in the Huffington Post, chose Nadine’s portrait “Mrs. McDonald” as one of his “Ten Memorable Paintings for 2013.” Seed praised the “sultry mood and unique beauty” of the image, and was then inspired to write a second article “An Alluring Woman with Fries” dedicated to analyzing the painting more completely. Nadine's reach also extends to Chicago, where several of her portraits are part of the The Tullman Collection.

Her large portraits “The Rolling Buns” and “Acacia and the Bowman” have traveled to London to be included in the Royal Society of Portrait Painters 2 years in a row. And her double portrait "The Golden Gown," has been hailed by critic Keith Shaw as "the best nude oil painting I've seen in the Berkshires outside The Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute in Williamstown. MA. Nadine Robbins is a superb figure painter, and her double portrait is an American masterpiece."


My work builds upon my visual intuition experience as a creative director. I dig into the concept of “personality” by merging photography and painting into design influenced compositions striving to draw in the viewer by capturing an unspoken confidence, emotion or unique beauty.
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