‘If my heart wasn’t in art, it would be snapped up by something botanical/horticultural’ – Neva Hosking

Neva is originally from Perth, Australia but moved to Sydney to major in print making at the National Art School.

She produces beautiful portraiture prints through etching onto copper plates, but also creates realistic biro pen studies on paper. It’s safe to say, Neva is a massive fan of lines – we can see that through the hatched shading and linear style that is consistent in all of her work. I’m a fan too, as she captures each contour and curve of each face perfectly with her free-looking, but very controlled, hatching.

Neva’s also got a thing for faces. Her printed portraits and illustrative studies often comprise of close-ups which really capture that momentary emotion of the subject. However, Neva has also done several studies of nature creeping its way into the frame and interacting with her models.
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