Dziewczynka z chryzantemami (Girl with Chrysanthemums)1894 by Olga Boznańska

Her most famous 1894 portrait of an unknown child Girl with Chrysanthemums fascinated her contemporaries by its symbolist atmosphere and psychological insight. []

Her major work, Girl with Chrysanthemums, marked the high point of the Franco-Polish painter's artistic development. In the words of Swiss art critic William Ritter, "It is an enigmatic child that will drive mad those who scrutinize her for too long."

Girl with Chrysanthemums (1894) received acclaim for its expressive modernism, and for its exploration of emotion and mood in the context of character traits. It follows from the intimate portraits painted by Whistler.
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Dimensions (h/w/d): 35 27 (89 69)
Location: National Museum , Krakow