Illustration for Here We Are: Notes for Living on Planet Earth by Oliver Jeffers

‘Here We Are’ is a beautiful, heart-warming book, perfect for little minds as they prepare to start their journey into the great unknown. The story is all the more uplifting when one hears of its origins. Jeffers, having just returned from the hospital following the birth of his first child, and brimming with joy, pride, and an overwhelming desire to nurture, came up with the idea for the book while introducing his baby to their new home.

...Each page of the book glistens with the glow of new parenthood, each page awash with comforting illustrations and Jeffers’s soothing words. With little text, and many an intricate, yet approachable diagram, Jeffers describes the bare bones of the Earth, delving into the basics of the land – from mountain ranges, flat plains, deserts, volcanoes and lakes – the sea, the sky, the human body, animals and night and day...
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Period / movement: illustration