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Otto van Rees (Freiburg, Germany April 20, 1884 - Utrecht, Netherlands, May 19, 1957); painter. (Google translation of

Otto van Rees, explorer of modernism, who maintained close contact with Braque, Piet Mondriaan and Kees van Dongen, and Pablo Picasso helped him find a studio in Paris. "A painter should rather not talk too much about his vision, he must paint it," Van Rees said.

Otto van Rees, not a very well-known name among Dutch master painters . Van Rees preferred to be in the background and hoped that people would see the beauty in the unity of his work. In the early years Van Rees painted with Jan Toorop, the painter from which he takes a pointillist style. Initially, Van Rees painted colorful country scenes. In his later work we also see human figures.

It is striking that so many different styles can be found in his work. During his prolonged stay in Paris he saw the emergence of new currents as Cubism and Expressionism close up. Thanks to his experimental nature, Van Rees connected easily with modern thinking. In Switzerland, Rees contributed significantly to the Dada movement.

Shortly thereafter, Van Rees went on to do more abstract work. His work gained more depth and volume and the human figures are barely identifiable.

In the fifties, interest in his work declined. Van Rees led a secluded life. This is reflected in his paintings from the period, which are very gray and gloomy.

Some trips abroad give a new dimension to his work. He blossomed again. However, this was only for a short while, because returning from one of his inspirational journeys, Van Rees died in a car accident.

About 100 paintings together form a beautiful overview of Otto van Rees's life work.
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