Paolo Grassino

With his work offers a thought on the drift of the modern society, suspended on the edge between natural and artificial. His work is moreover a research that regains the fullest sense of manual skill: Grassino works with synthetic rubber and polystyrene but also with more traditional materials like wax and solid concrete. With a slow and patient weaving work the artist brings his work to a spectacular level. In 2011 he was invited at The 4th Moscow Biennale and in the same year he has presented the environmental sculpture Madre at MACRO, Rome’s Museum of Contemporary Art. In 2010 the Castello di Rivalta in Tourin hosted an antological exhibition with his last 10 years of works, and in 2008 the Musée d’Art Moderne de Saint-Étienne have presented a big solo show (2008). Among his most recent exhibitions in museums and public spaces it is worth mentioning Gran Torino, Frost Art Museum, Miami (2011), Senza Rete, Loft Project ETAGI, Saint Petersburg (2011), Essential Experience, RISO - Palermo Museum of Contemporary Art (2009). He have also presented the environmental installation Armilla at Fondazione Palazzo Bricherasio in Turin (2005), and a video project at GAM, the Modern and Contemporary Art Gallery of Turin (2000).
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