Paul Nougé

Belgium / 1895 - 1967 / wikipedia /
Paul Nougé, (Feb. 13, 1895, Brussels-Nov. 6, 1967, Brussels), Belgian poet and intellectual theorist. He and René Magritte were the most important figures in the Brussels group of Belgian Surrealists.

A biochemist by profession, Nougé first developed a wider intellectual audience in 1924 as a coeditor (with Camille Goemans and Marcel Lecomte) of the iconoclastic magazine Correspondance. In 1927 Nougé defined the Belgian Surrealist position, rejecting automatic writing (see automatism) in favor of “an ethic based on a psychology colored by mysticism.” His early training in Cartesian rigor led him to stress the importance of precise language and of scientific experiment in art and poetry. He believed that Surrealism was less a doctrine than an attitude. Uninterested in celebrity or questions of literary identity, he was critical of the Parisian Surrealists, and his own work made little impact on France or Belgium at the time. His subsequent recognition is owing to the efforts of fellow Surrealist Marcel Mariën, who edited and published much of Nougé’s work.

Nougé’s celebrated La Conférence de Charleroi (1929) was devoted to music but outlined his aesthetic theory. Rejecting the limitations of Modernism and formalism, as well as the dictates of politics, Nougé proposed an art that would liberate through the transformative power of language. Histoire de ne pas rire (Story with No Laughs; 1956) collects essays he wrote from 1924–54. His poetry collection L’Expérience continue (The Continuous Experience; 1966) contains creative modification of other writers’ work, exploitation of the language of advertising, and experiments in phonetics. Nougé’s posthumous publications include Journal (1968), which reveals his critical acuity; Notes sur les échecs (Notes on Chess; 1969); Les Cartes transparentes (The Transparent Cards; 1972) and Des mots à la rumeur d’une oblique pensée (Words to the Hum of an Indirect Thought; 1983).
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