Self Portrait on her Sixth Wedding Anniversary1906 by Paula Modersohn-Becker

“...she painted this, one of her most subtle and emotionally complex self-portraits, on the occasion of her 6th wedding anniversary, as she has written in olive-green paint in the lower right-hand corner of the canvas. She has signed it “PB”, for Paula Becker, her maiden name, leaving out the Modersohn, which she had acquired on marriage.
She was 30 when she painted this self-portrait on 25 May 1906..." For further discussion of this painting, see

Her self-portraits are a testament to her exploration of a wide range of styles and a gradual simplification of form. Through subtle contrasts, they formulate her process of forging an identity for herself as a woman and artist. She integrates conflicting positions into a whole, which, in the end, reveals, rather than masks, its contradictions.

She uses none of the motifs typical of male self-portraiture in the early 20-century. She... (
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