Pekka Halonen

Finland / 1865 - 1933 /
Pekka Halonen was a painter of Finnish landscapes and people who would go on to become one of the more notable painters in the world of Finnish Art.

Pekka Halonen was born in Linnasalmi, Lapinlahti, Finland on 23 September 1865, the son of Olli Halonen, a peasant farmer and artisan, and Wilhelmiina Halonen (née Uotinen). His mother, Miina, was an accomplished folk musician. The family consisted of five sons and two daughters, with Pekka the third oldest of the seven children. In 1885 he tried for a place as a Primary School Teacher, but his score was not good enough to gain entry into teacher training. He moved to Helsinki where his only acquaintance was the architect, Josef Stenbäckin. He announced to Stenbäckin his intention to become an artist and in Autumn he began art studies. To finance himself, he worked in construction and as a decorative painter when jobs were available. In the Spring of 1866 he was elected to study at the Ateneumiin, the Finnish Art Society’s Drawing School.

...Halonen stated that he never painted for anyone but himself. He felt that “Art should not jar the nerves like sandpaper – it should produce a feeling of peace.”

...In his free moments, Pekka Halonen was happy sitting in his library browsing art books. about Botticelli, Ghirlandaio, Dürer, Holbein the Younger, and Titian’s art.

Halonen died in Tuusula on 1 December 1933.
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