Philip Von Schantz

Sweden / 1928 - 1998 / wikipedia
Gunnar Karl Philip von Schantz, born February 21, 1928 in Saint Olai parish, Norrkoping, died August 12, 1998 in the Adolf Fredrik church, Stockholm; Swedish artist, painter and graphic artist.

Von Schantz started painting at Otte Sköld in 1950. In 1951 he stayed in Paris with a short spell at André Lhote. Between 1952-58, he studied at the Art Academy in Stockholm.

Since his debut in the early 1950s von Schantz was constantly acclaimed as a painter and graphic artist. During the 1970s, he became very popular with the public when he painted berries in large piles, as well as fruits and potatoes in old boxes and enamel buckets. His still lifes werevery lifelike representations,showing the smallest details where "every single berry" could be counted. The objects he painted he had mostly grown himself or found in nature.

In 1988 he moved into his new studio in Gåsvik at Väddö canal. A new development in his paintings came in the late 1980s, where his pots and cups, sometimes with ducks, created refined optical illusions for the viewer. After a few years the landscape became integrated in the images, often simple red barns on the wide landscapes, still life and landscape painting at the same time! Later evolved landscape images by a geometrical play with the shapes of buildings and rooftops.

His images were often ambiguous. Characteristic of his way of working was the the single vanishing point, where lines ran parallel, and the image "spread out" over the surface. What also contributed to the identity of the images was that the scale of his still life was always 1:1.

Von Schantz was a professor of graphic arts at the Academy of Fine Arts 1963-73 and director of the Museum of Modern Art from 1973-77. Between 1987-93 he was president of the Academy of ....

At his death at 70, von Schantz was a well-known and much loved artist. In 2000, Posten AB paid tribute to von Schantz by issuing two stamps with his designs. (
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