Les Chiens by Pierre Louis Pierson

Virginia Oldoini, Countess of Castiglione (22 March 1837-28 Nov. 1899), better known as La Castiglione, born to an aristocratic family from La Spezia. She was a 19th-c. Italian aristocrat who achieved notoriety as a mistress of Emperor Napoleon III of France. She was also a significant figure in the early history of photography.

...known for her beauty and her flamboyant entrances in elaborate dress at the imperial court. One of her most infamous outfits was a "Queen of Hearts" costume... She was described as having long, wavy blonde hair, pale skin, a delicate oval face, and eyes that constantly changed color from green to an extraordinary blue-violet.

Over the next 4 decades she directed Pierre-Louis Pierson to help her create 700 different photographs in which she re-created the signature moments of her life for the camera. She spent a large part of her personal fortune and even went into debt...
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