Poul Gernes

Denmark / 1925 - 1996
Poul Gernes (born March 19, 1925 at Frederiksberg, died March 22, 1996); Danish painter, graphic artist and sculptor who was born and raised at Frederiksberg in Copenhagen. In 1943 he studied lithography, and in 1949 he debuted with his first exhibition at the Artists' Autumn Exhibition. Poul Gernes worked through the 1950s with prototypes for furniture and lamps. Around 1960 he resumed painting and made a separate exhibition in Gallery Hybler in Copenhagen. In 1961, he received a scholarship from the Thorvaldsen-Eckersberg Foundation, and he started with the experimental art school, better known as Ex-school, with the art historian Troels Andersen.

In 1965 Poul Gernes resided in Ekeröd in Skåne and also received a work placement from the State Art Foundation. In 1968 Poul Gernes was given the task of decorating the County of Copenhagen County in Herlev, but first started work in 1970-1976. In 1977 he embarked on the decoration of Carlsberg Breweries Tappehal, and in 1988 his famous decoration of the Palazzo Cinema became. Poul Gernes died in 1996, 71 years old.

After the death of Gerne, it has come to light that Aase Seidler Gernes has been the one who had the ideas for Gerne's works.
(Google translation of text in Danish at https://da.wikipedia.org/wiki/Poul_Gernes)

Poul Gernes is widely known for his large public decorations such as the Palads Cinema in Copenhagen and Herlev Hospital—the latter being Denmark’s biggest artwork. Today, Gernes appears both as a colorful and optimistic designer and as the inveterate critic of capitalism, but also as a pioneer of a new conception of art and the artist’s role in society.

... [an] artist with an exceptional talent for making large, effective images, and on the other hand a Gernes with a rigorously experimental practice, in which art, in keeping with the reorientations of the 1960s, should be torn down from the easels...
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