"Ramon Conde is a figurative sculptor. Began its journey in the 70's. In his early stages reflected influences of the surrealism spirit and expressionism. For him has always been important to show a similar language of dreams, where his obsessions, fears, likes and dislikes are reflected in their work. For him is essential reflect their emotional language. Conceives the role of the artist as a "medium" that through the expression of their feelings shows the concerns of his time. Has gone through different stages where feelings such as loneliness, lust, contact with others, etc.., are featured in different stages of their work. Consider the size a crucial factor in his sculptural language, which is why many of his works reflect this. In his last works, he is studying the effect of distorted images in mirrors, where the protagonist is the reality's reflection. He is the author of several monuments in different cities of Galicia.

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