Rana Begum

Rana Begum received her Fine Art Degree in painting at the Chelsea College of Art and Design and her MFA in painting from the Slade School of Fine Art, both of London.

Lodged between op-art and minimalism, Rana's previous works drew its inspiration from repetitive geometric patterns within Islamic art and architecture. The result is a series of tightly controlled compositions, where impeccably applied colorful hard-edge lines are coated in a thick layer of glossy resin, to create seductively tactile reflective surfaces. Rana's works were an exercise in rhythm and symmetry and much like music, had a spiritual quality to them that embraces the heart and gratifies the eye.

In more recent work, Rana's works draw inspiration from urban visual stimuli such as the abstract clashes of form and colour that can be seen in the city, and combines them with the traditional repetition of geometric form found in Islamic art. To view the work one is required to adjust their position for the work to unravel. As you move, the work reveals a constant shifting symmetry of colour that ripples, brakes, and reforms before your eyes. It is in this visual movement that Rana creates a compelling visual language where by with the tiniest of movements the surrounding chaos aligns itself into a moment of symmetry.

Rana currently lives and works in London, UK.
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