Randall David Tipton

Northwest painter, sometimes plein air but mostly studio work from drawings, photos, hunches and memory. Experimental approach.

"About his paintings, Randall says this:

Throughout my career the landscape has been my guiding orientation. Whether I've tried to reduce its complexity to bands and gestures or to focus intently on a particular aspect, my motive has always been to suggest something fundamental and primal. My impulse comes from a simple belief in the restorative qualities in nature. In the American tradition of Thoreau to Frederick Edwin Church to Arthur Dove and others, I include myself among those trying to expose and explore the transcendental relationship we have with the natural world.

Coming of age in the late 20th century, after the example and sacrifice of the abstract expressionists, I came to also believe in their faith in improvisation as a more direct link to the unconscious and therefore to something more authentic.

Ultimately, this is where my commitment lies; through the process of painting, alert to possibility, my belief in the redemptive essence of the landscape becomes an image."

"He creates the perfect balance of fluidity and the strength of color and line that we simply had not seen before. Tipton’s work stands equal with the work of the greatest expressionists of the 20th century. It makes you feel the beauty of the landscape....

One of Randall’s secrets is his use of yupo (a synthetic, machine-made, non-absorbent paper). The plasticized paper accentuates his range of colors and fluid technique. Pigments lie on top of the paper instead of getting absorbed and washing out – or worse, bleeding together. Colors retain their true clarity. And, the plastic surface promotes the fluidity of the water medium - you can truly feel Randall pushing his paints across the surface."
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