Riccardo Mannelli

Born 20 January 1955

Riccardo Mannelli has been living in Rome since 1977. Self-taught, he started his artistic career in the 70s and right from the start he was focused on the pictorial production as well as on the editorial activity realising portraits and satirical art works characterised by an expressionist style.

He worked for various national and international newspapers; in 1980 he started to do drawn reportage from all around the world and that became his most famous expression. He had and, in most cases still has, a leading role in the most important satiric magazine (IL MALE, L’ECHO DES SAVANES, HUMOR, CUORE, SATYRICON di Repubblica, BOXER, etc) working as a director or participating at the set up.

Hestarted and has mounted for several years CABARET ELETTRICO, a multimedia show inspired by his series of paintings (STANZE DI GUERRA).

At the moment he is working for La Repubblica and il Fatto Quotidiano; recently he created a virtual frieze APOTEOSI DEI CORROTTI which was screened on the external walls of the Ara Pacis in Rome (by doing that he invented a form of artistic “guerrilla” called RAVE-ART).

In 2009 he attended the exhibition TENERI BARBARI with the photographer an Saudek; in 2011 he exhibited for the first time the entire series of paintings COMMEDIA Z.E.R.O.(which was realised in 2003-2005) at the 54° FESTIVAL of SPOLETO curated by Vittorio Sgarbi and he was invited to exhibit 3 art works at the 54° BIENNALE of Venice, Padiglione Italia. In the same year he won the FORTE DEI MARMI prize for political satire.

Since 1995 he is the coordinator of the Department of Illustration at the European Institute of Design where he teaches Anatomy and Life Drawing.

...a self-taught Italian cartoonist, illustrator, and artist who started his career in the 1970s focusing on portraits and satirical art works characterized by an expressionist style. ... [his] work falls within the tradition of "fierce realism"... (http://stlukesguild.tumblr.com/page/8)
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