Ocean Park No. 271970 by Richard Diebenkorn

...Compare the way the Californian’s bold white pathways in “Ingleside” (1963) reverse such time travel by zipping through the neighborhood on their way toward the atmospheric geometry of “Ocean Park # 27″ (1970). Very different paintings, they nonetheless speak to the all-of-a-piece nature of his oeuvre. When seen from a distance, unpredictable shifts in an artist’s direction — as from the painterly realism of “Ingleside” to the near-total abstraction of “Ocean Park # 27” — may seem not simply compatible but inevitable. As the car warning goes: Objects in mirror are closer than they appear. (http://hyperallergic.com/341431/origins-of-originality-matissediebenkorn-at-the-baltimore-museum-of-art/)
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Tags: landscape