Rinus Van de Velde (Leuven, 1983); Belgian visual artist.

Van de Velde draws monumental drawings, usually with charcoal, on the basis of photographs or photographs of self-built and staged scenes. Raymond van het Groenewoud used a work by him for the cover of his CD 'De laatste rit'.

He exhibited at Beaufort 2015 among others. His work was in the spring of 2016 in Gent S.M.A.K. can be seen with a solo exhibition Donogoo Tonka with six monumental charcoal drawings.
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"In the past, I often used myself as a character in my work. because I consider my work to be a fictitious autobiography…. I think that I've always drawn myself as a character. And I've drawn myself to understand what's different. So I've turned myself into a number of characters. Sometimes as a performance artist, then as a chess master, then as a poet. Anything goes really, but always to test what it would be like if I was this or that.

So using yourself as a starting point to find out more about the other or the unknown. You could look at my work as one large, fictitious autobiography. Every drawing in itself is a kind of documentary of the lie because the lie is often more interesting than the truth.

It happens that I'm working in my studio, within these four walls and go outside as little as I can as it's a place that is fairly monotonous. If I really had to express what I experience, I would be done in two drawings because it all happens here. So I have to imagine that something more exciting is happening."
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For years, I have been writing texts while Rinus draws, asking what he thinks is happening on the drawing he is creating, taking naps induced by the automated rhythm of his drawing, gossiping with him about friends, repeating the same jokes and phrases over...
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