Robert Miller

My sustained attraction to the power of the photographic lens is derived from my early interest in visual minutiae. The world in which I grew up and my experience of it a largely visual, not intellectual, not social. And, what has deeply influenced my work in photography is a deep, almost mystical attachment to nature, and conversely to those places where human intrusion has created schism.

Even though I have worked in different photographic genres over the last three decades, ranging from landscape to portraiture to still life, the work I like to do the best is that which creates linkages with the realms that lie outside of those dominated by reason, rationality, and linear thinking.

In my work, I have attempted to find the resonance at the mysterious place where the inner and outer realms come together. This place where resonance is created has been called mystical in religious and theological terminology, and it has been called mythopoetic in literary and mythological studies. Whatever it is called, photography that produces this resonance transports me to a realm that lies beyond the intellect, the abstract, and the analytical.
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