Even-numbered, eccentric door on East 96th street between 2nd and 3rd avenues by Roy Colmer

Between November 1975 and September 1976, a man named Roy Colmer decided to photograph New York City's doors. Not all of New York City's doors. No doors in particular, at least at first glance, and in no real particular order. But his aptly named Doors, NYC project amounted to more than 3,000 photos, which now live with the New York Public Library.

"He's playful with the very definition of the door. He's shooting chain-link gates, dilapidated doorways with no door, or a door that's been bricked up," says archivist David Lowe, who works with the collection at NYPL.

His photos allow for some chaos, a lot like New York. They look like photos taken by someone in love with — and a little bit amused by — his city.

NYPL explains that Colmer's Doors, NYC "was essentially conceptual" and "as much an exploration of the serial possibilities of photography as of its ability to capture a place." (http://www.npr.org/2015/03/10/388735525/street-view-new-york-citys-doors)
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