For many years, I have been making handmade collages. I studied History of Art and it appeared to me that collage was a convenient way to express different artistic movements.

The technique of collage allows for a lot creative freedom. We can to dig into the diversity of the images that surround us to rebuild a new world; divert images from their original context to recreate a new reality freed from all conventions.

I see the artistic process of collage as both a physical and intellectual experiment. To make a collage means to be in contact with different kinds of paper: the glossy texture of luxurious magazines, the stiffness of cardboard, the softness of old pages, the peculiar smell of old paper.

You can choose to carefully cut and trim an element or on the contrary, to furiously tear out a whole page. The art of assemblage!

Female characters, omnipresent in the world of the images, have held a large place in my universe but I now tend to explore other topics.

I live in Lyon (France)
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