Ruben Monakhov

When I was a teenager, I thought that the XXI century was an unachievable distant future. And now this future is here. Many things that before seemed science fiction, are now the prosaic reality.
But are we happier?

Modern man is so glutted with visual information that he has lost the ability to wonder. The craft of visual simulation has reached such a degree of perfection that absolutely everything becomes possible.
But do we feel more acutely?

A XXI century resident races through his life at escape velocity. The visual aspect of the world rushes in front of him like a continuous tape, and his eyes have time to grab only the brightest and most outstanding, the newest and most unusual. But even then he does not manage to feel in a full range. Because new information is no longer waiting — it climbs into his eyes and is pushed out by the next, like passengers in the Tokyo subway.

My painting is a story about the beauty of light and color in a stopped moment of time. No conceptual nonsense or ultra-supernova “ideas”.

Simply painting. Oil on canvas. In the same way it has been done by generation after generation of artists.

In the same way, but still a little differently. Subjectively.
Because painting is a very personal experience.

Monakhov was born in Leningrad in 1970. He received his artistic education at the department of decorative graphics of the Serov Art School in Leningrad. As a member of the Union of Artists, he organized about 10 solo exhibitions and has participated in numerous group events.

But what does this really tell us about Ruben Monakhov? Any picture of him or any of his works can tell us far more. The artist’s biography would not be complete without knowing that Ruben Monakhov is the proud bearer of a wonderful curled-up moustache that harkens back to Salvador Dali....
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