Ernest Hemingway by Sam Kalda

Artist Sam Kalda, a cat fan himself, had this in mind when working on his new series, “Men and Cats.” “Why not crazy cat men? What’s so crazy about it?” he wrote in an email to The Huffington Post.

He began the series after he stumbled upon photos of Marlon Brando relaxing with a housecat. Kalda was fascinated. “Here is this guy with a macho, mercurial reputation who, in these images, is transformed by virtue of his love for cats,” he explained.

In his dual portraits, Kalda illustrates the petulant humor and quiet sophistication of a cat, as well as the soulfulness of a man’s relationship with his four-legged friend. If you think cats are just fine or maybe even the best pets around (the latter is the correct opinion), Kalda’s whimsical, vibrant images will remind you that great men agreed with you. At least about cats.
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