Sebastian Bieniek

Sebastian Bieniek (alias Mr. Doublefaced, born 1975 in Poland) is a German artist.

1989 he emigrated to Germany and has the german nationality.

With 20 Bieniek already participated in numerous international exhibitions.

He majored at Braunschweig College of Fine Arts. He then studied at the Berlin University of the Arts.

Since 1996, he makes spectacular performances like "Born To Be Bulette" (where he was laying for 3 days in 500 kg. meat), "Hand Without A Body" (where he was cut in his arm each day for 14 days) and "Robbery" where he made a robbery as an art performance in the Deutsche Bank.

Bieniek made first video in 2000. Hereceived thereafter a working scholarship from the German-French youth work.

In 2002, he began studies at the German Film and Television Academy. His movies ran in competitions of presitigious film festivals, like 10th SIFF, Mar del Plata FF and in the Montreal World FF.

2007 Sebastian Bieniek was a official representatnt of Germany at the german-chinese culture year.

Since 2008 he is painting again and made several serials of paintings and photographs. 2011 he wrote the book REALFAKE.

2013 he started his ongoing "Doublefaced" series of photographs, paintings and drawings which, subsequently has appeared in many publications around the world to great acclaim. It was chosen by the designboom magazine to one of the "Top 10 Body Art Of 2013" and by the designcollector magazine to one of the "Top 2013 Photography“.

2014 Bieniek’s artwork was part of the Marylin Monroe music video of Pharrell Williams and 2015 he cooperated with the french designer Simon Porte Jacquemus during the Paris Fashion Week which was recongnized and published by the worlds leading magazines.

One of the best known attributes of his work are small interventions which provoke a total shifting of the meaning.

2015 Bieniek was mentioned as one of the "Top 5 Influential Contemporary Berlin-Based Artists" by theculturetrip magazine.
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