Shigeru Mizuki

Japan / 1922 - 2015 / wikipedia
Shigeru Mizuki, born Shigeru Mura in Osaka, was a Japanese manga author and historian known for his series GeGeGe no Kitarō ("Spooky Kitarō"), Nonnonba, Kappa no Sanpei, and Showa. He was raised in the coastal ity of Sakaiminato and later moved to Chōfu, Tokyo, where he remained until his death. His pen name, Mizuki, comes from Mizuki Manor, an inn he once managed. Mizuki is known as a specialist and authority in stories of yōkai, the traditional monsters, ghosts, and fantastic creatures of Japan. He was drafted into the Japanese army in 1942 and served in Papua New Guinea, where he lost his left arm. His experience in World War II made him a pacifist and a humanist, and was critical of Japanese and American militarism in many of his works, especially, Shōwa, a manga that chronicles the Japanese historical period of that name (1926–1989). In 2015, he died of heart failure in a hospital in Tokyo.
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