Stanislav Zhukovsky

Stanislav Yulianovich Zhukovsky (Polish: Stanisław Żukowski, Russian: Станислав Юлианович Жуковский) (1875–1944); Polish-Russian Impressionist painter, and also a member of the prestigious Union of Russian artists.

...During the German occupation of Poland in World War II, he was arrested by the Nazis and held at the prisoner transit camp (Durchgangslager) at Pruszkow where he died in 1944. (Wikipedia)

"...The artist turned to this genre [interiors] in the 1910s, when Petersburg society was feeling particularly acutely the worrying fragility and degeneration of the old way of life on country estates, which was fast disappearing under the unstoppable march of progress....

The artist usually found his subjects in old houses with their libraries, drawing rooms, old furniture and portraits, which preserved vestiges of Russian culture and evoked feelings of nostalgia. Sometimes estate-owners invited him to capture the hearth and home which were so dear to them. This was the origin of the series of interiors of the Grand Duke's Bryansk estate. Sometimes it was the artist himself who asked the owner’s permission to come and paint rooms.... In a letter to Dmitri Sheremetev, Zhukovsky betrays his fascination with interiors: 'Would you be kind enough to allow me to paint in your houses in Ostafievo and Kuskovo. I am a great admirer of the old times… Here they speak so clearly and are so wonderfully, carefully preserved. I would like to do some interiors of this priceless memorial to a wonderful era. Unfortunately, they have been disappearing so rapidly in recent times and there are few genuinely cultured and refined people who can appreciate these sacred places and are not converting them to factories and using as firewood the parks where Eugene Onegin once walked.'"
(P.Aldonin, Stanislav Zhukovsky, Life History and Works, Moscow, Belyi Gorod, No. 177, illustrated. (
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