Portrait of Józef Mehoffer1898 by Stanisław Wyspiański

Mehoffer, a leading painter of the Young Poland movement, was extraordinarily sensitive to decorative value of paintings. In addition to painting, he practiced a number of arts, from carbon drawings, etchings and book illustrations to easel painting to monumental stained glass and polychrome designs.
...In Paris he initially shared a studio with Stanisław Wyspiański, who shared similar artistic tastes.... Eventually each developed a different style and mastered different means of expression. While Wyspianski paved the way for Polish expressionism, Mehoffer created an original formula of decoration that grew out of the Art Nouveau style.

...Mehoffer's mature art (from 1895-1914) made an original contribution to the development of Symbolist iconography. His paintings, some evoking a lyrical, decadent mood (Wąwóz. La Gorge de L'Areuse, 1897), others brimming with admiration for the sensuous beauty of nature, proved a perfect embodiment...
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