Innovator, commentator, poet, painter, musician, lover, friend, warrior, cowboy, Indian, American; artist T.C. Cannon was all of these and more. Born in an Oklahoma Indian hospital to a Caddo-French-Choctaw mother and Kiowa-Scotch-Irish father near the Kiowa ancestral sacred lands in the Wichita Mountains, Tommy Wayne "T.C." Cannon embodied the contradictory nature of life as a Native American in America. (

"T.C. Cannon is regarded as the most eloquent and innovative of the Native American Artists, who helped change the direction of the traditional Indian art to the "New Wave" movement that characterizes that Genre today.";ID=4461

"T.C. Cannon, also known as Tommy Wayne Cannon was born September 27, 1946 in Lawton, Oklahoma and sadly passed away May 8, 1978. His legacy is important to the identity of Native American art of the 20th century. He was an enrolled member of the Kiowa Tribe. Additionally, Cannon was of Caddo, French, and Choctaw descent.

Cannon grew up in Zodaltone and Gracemont, Oklahoma and was raised in the Kiowa culture of his father, Walter Cannon, and Caddo traditions of his mother, Minnie Ahdunko Cannon. His Kiowa name, Pai-doung-a-day, means One Who Stands in the Sun. He was exposed to the art of the Kiowa Five, a group of Native American painters..."

"In 1995, Joan Frederick published T.C. Cannon: He Stood in the Sun, the biography of the influential contemporary Kiowa painter who is widely considered to be the Van Gogh of Native American art. Cannon is unquestionably the star of the young artists who left the Institute of American Indian Arts in Santa Fe, New Mexico in the 1960s and went on to change Indian art..."
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