Wei Min is my first name, Tang – family name. In China we write family name, then given name.... When I was 5, I visited my mother’s office where I saw one of her colleagues drawing a pig on a piece of paper. The pig was so vivid that it looked real. I admired him very much. Then, I took out my pen and started my own drawing. It wasn’t very successful, but I continued and used to make sketches on blank margins of textbooks. Then I started to copy prints of Chinese painting. My mother’s colleague was drawing for fun. However, his drawing accidentally disturbed a naive child’s colorful heart. When I was in middle school I began to paint post office stamps. The stamps I created were so close to real ones that they often tricked my teachers and classmates. I once sent a mail using my painted stamp and was proud of my deed for several hours, until my mom found what I did.

When I was 18 years old I passed national college admission exam and went to Art Department of Hunan Normal College, majored in oil painting. I started to read art books in the college. I learned the outline of the histories of Chinese and Western painting. I knew that painting was not only a skill but moreover, was an expression of thought and spirit.

...I gradually accumulated my thought and abstracted several basic elements from Chinese philosophy and Buddhism. I melted these elements with Western culture to generate some symbols to express my thought and try to build my own heaven among the easy rotten material world and limited space. I realize more and more clearly that my art should express the thought soaked with Orientals’ blood. These may be the value and meaning of my art: life filled with quietness and wisdom.
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