Tetyana Nilovna Yablonskaya

Aka: Tatyana Yablonska, Tatiana Yablonska.

Tetyana Yablonska (Ukrainian: Яблонська Тетяна Нилівна) (24 Feb. 1917 – 17 June 2005); Ukrainian painter. Her early vital pictures are devoted to work and a life of Ukrainian people (Grain, 1949). She went on to generalizing images of nature, differing a subtlety of plastic and color rhythms (Anonymous heights, 1969; Flax, 1977).

Born in Smolensk, Russian Empire. Studied at the Kiev State Institute of Art (1941), the studio of Fedir Krychevsky. She worked very productively until the very end of her life, reportedly painting her last pastel study on the very day of her death.

Elected as a Member of parliament of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialistic Republic (Ukrainian Verkhovna Rada, English Supreme Council) in 1951–58, became a member of the Ukrainian Artists' Union in 1944, a member of the board of the USSR Artists' Union in 1963, and a member of the Academy of Art of the USSR in 1975.

Awarded the honorary title Peoples' Artists of the USSR in 1982, Artist of Year (UNESCO) in 1997, Woman of Year (International Biography Centre, Cambridge) in 2000. Winner of the USSR State Prize (Stalin prize: 1949, 1951 and State Prize: 1979), and winner of the Shevchenko state prize of Ukraine (1998).

She also received the Order of the Red Banner of Labour (1951), the Order of Friendship of Peoples (1977), order Award for merits (1997) and the highest state award of Ukraine – title Hero of Ukraine (2003).

She died in Kiev on June 17, 2005.

Her students include Mikhail Turovsky.

Born into a family of intellectuals. Her father, Nil Yablonsky... was an educator, taught art and was engaged in museum management.... HHome-schooling in the Yablonsky family did not allow the children any freedom to choose their future profession - according to their father's wishes, they were all to ...
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