Golden Land2015 by Till Könneker

Golden Land

A conflict between information reality and virtuality, global versus national culture and central Europe as an equal part of the European Union. These unique exhibition will circle round Prague, Bratislava, Warsaw, Budapest, Roma, Zurich, Berlin and Vienna. By virtue of different cultural influences in each destination, every exhibition opening will provide a unique experience – an implantation of the container within a specific local environment.

Golden Land
A shipping container means trade with far away countries, the arrival of long anticipated goods. It is one of the building blocks of our globalized consumerist culture.The golden bow of the boat symbolizes the deceptive hope which the refugees follow like a light and which lets them accept every possible risk. A particular type of hope that is send into the world via pictures of our reckless living standards. Therefor we shouldn‘t be surprised that Europe, in other continents, is perceived as a promised land of sorts where the streets are paved with gold.People are leaving their countries in droves for seeing no future there due to drought, poor income and education or a corrupt legal system.Wouldn‘t I do the same? Wouldn‘t I too set out in hope of a promised land, a golden land, where its people seam without worry, are rich and live lavishly?

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