Tracey Emin is one of the most famous and controversial artists to come out of the United Kingdom in decades. She was born in Croydon, a suburb of South London, on July 3, 1963 to unwed parents, her mother of English origin and her father of Turkish Cypriot descent. They raised her in the seaside city of Margate, where she had a difficult time during her teenage years, later expressed in vivid detail through her artwork. By the 1990s Emin had made it onto the world stage of contemporary art as one of the most celebrated YBA’s (Young British Artists). Although she has turned her personal tragedies into a form of cultural currency, her success has not come without sacrifice.

Lauded as a significant figure in contemporary feminist art for her confessional tone, Emin wholeheartedly embraces the feminist adage “the personal is political”. In interviews she speaks candidly about being raped at 13, getting pregnant at 18, having two abortions and three miscarriages. By exposing the intimate details of her own life and the emotional scars of abuse and trauma that women are frequently conditioned to conceal, Emin creates an empowering dialogue about feminine existence.
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